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I first came to Kelli as a scared ten year old. I wasn't scared of life or anything else, I was scared to ride. The reason for this was because when I was seven I had a really bad fall from a horse at a gallop. I walked away from it with only minor injuries but a demolished confidence.

Even through all the pain, never for a second did I hate horses. I actually loved them more. For almost three straight years I didn't put one foot in a stirrup. I wanted to so bad but I was way to scared. Finally in the winter of 2010 to 2011 my sister started working at Jest a Bit farm and I followed in her foot steps soon after.

Kelli and Pepper slowly stared helping me ride again, also getting over my fear of of going faster then a trot. But by the end of april of 2011 I was cantering with no fear at all, now 3 years later(2013) I push to go faster and faster. Kelli has changed my life in so many ways, not only is she my trainer and riding instructor but also a friend, motherly figure, and role model.

Another being at Jest a Bit has changed me and his name is Missin' Lil' Pep. You may think he's just a horse but he is much more then that. He's my teacher, friend and personal diary. Pepper has taught me so much about riding, I did my first flying lead change, and even sitting trot. So I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone and everything at Jest A Bit farm for changing my life in a very good way. I love you all:).

maya toth ;)



Kelli Kinney

Kelli Ann Kinney, FEI National Level Grand Prix Competitor

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