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We have been competing but we are not winning. I want to get better scores now!   
It is hard to ride a horse and be on the ground watching yourself at the same time. You may have guessed that and have been working with an instructor by riding under her guidance once a week. But you feel like you are stuck at the same level, the same scores.
You have tried going to clinics and get a bit of help, but it tough to get all of your questions asked and your problems solved. There might be a bit of a bump but you are still feeling stuck.
Score Booster Boot Camp
Sometimes what you need is an intensive focused period of time with a Master Trainer to uncover the block to move forward. That is why Kelli offers what she calls a "Score Booster Boot Camp."
Score Booster Boot Camp consists of two weeks of daily one on one training with Kelli. Part of the work is for the student to ride one of Kelli's advanced horses to get the feeling of what it is to ride a well trained horse at a level that you wish achieve.
Kelli will also ride your horse and do a full diagnostic of both your horse and your riding to see where the block is. Then Kelli will provide you with specific techniques to address the problems with a goal to boost your scores to next level. 
The Voice of the Master
One of the most valuable aspects of the Score Booster Boot Camp is to be able to ride horses trained at levels above where you are now. Riding a well trained horse is one way to feel the voice of the Master by riding the horses she has trained. That is often one of the most powerful way to feel what the correct movements feel like. 
Once you have the feeling integrated into your riding, you can then go back to your own horse with that body knowledge. You now have the vocabulary you need to ride at higher level that you can now transmit to your horse.
Start Now to Get a Jump on the Competition Season
Having Kelli on your team to make the next competition season a winning one. Sign up to the right or call Kelli at the number below to take the first step to finally seeing competition success. 

Kelli Kinney

Kelli Ann Kinney, FEI National Level Grand Prix Competitor

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