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I want to go for Olympic Gold. Can you get me there?

The road to the Olympics begins with the first step. Congratulations on taking that step by reading this page.

I am not going to sugar coat the facts. Going to the Olympics is the hardest challenge that any athelete will ever face. For an equestrian the challenges are even greater. You must not only have to have the ability, you must also have the right horse. In addition, you must also have a Gold Standard mindset.

But, there is good news. Becoming an Olympic level rider in Dressage does not mean that you have to have a rare physical ability like Michael Phelps. 

You Don't Have to be Thirteen to Start

In fact, while you do need to have a certain level of fitness, perfect physique and a very young age are not a barrier to succeeding. Debbie McDonald, rider of the great Brentinna and at the 2004 Athens Olympics, won the team Bronz, is only 5' tall.

Reiner Klimke, who won individual and team gold in the 1984 and team gold on 1988 on Ahlerich. He was 52 in 1988.

It does help if you have talent but talent on a horse only goes so far. You have to ride the horse. That is why horse sport is such a leveler.

Olympic Competitors as Consultants

Experience with a trainer who has experience at International levels is difficult to find. That is why the training foundation of Gold Standard Dressage team are Olympic Bronz medalists Carol Lavall and Michael Poulin.

Access to this level of training is rare on this side of the Atlantic. That is why working with Kelli Ann Kinney and her team is an opportunity that only comes alone once in a lifetime.

The Right Horse

Obviously the second half of the team is the right horse. If you do not have a horse of your own, Gold Standard will provide you with professionally trained FEI level horses already competing successfull at Grand Prix level. From there our team of experienced horse buyers will find you the horse that will fulfill the requirements for a serious competition horse.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Cost to compete in high level horse sport is undeniably expensive. The right horse, the time to practice, the cost of transporting the horse to far-flung venues can be daunting. But, people have competed successfully starting from humble beginnings. The key is to find sponsorship right from the beginning. That is why we have programs to provide corporate and donor sponsorships as part of our training package.

Combined with access to top Olympic level trainers and programs to fulfill your dreams of achieving Olympic Gold, Gold Standard Dressage will put you on track to successful. Sign up to the right, or call Kelli Ann Kinney at the number below to for details on her Olympic Training Package and get you started on your path to Olympic Gold.

Kelli Kinney

Kelli Ann Kinney, FEI National Level Grand Prix Competitor

Yes Kelli, I want to go to the Olympics Right Now!

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