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I have never ridden a horse before. Can you help me get started?   
Can you imagine riding down a tree lined trail on a crisp Fall afternoon on the back of a beautiful, and more importantly, safe horse? Or galloping on the beach along the edge of the water with the wind whipping in your hair.  
No, this is not some one off tourist happening in some far off, hard to get to, vacation spot. This is YOU, maybe even riding your own horse, enjoying this freedom and experience whenever and as often as you would like.  
Riding is a Peak Experience 
There is no way to describe riding a horse under your own control. The feeling of freedom...the feeling of flying without wings...the feeling of the power under you to ride like you always dreamed you could.  
Perhaps you even have dreams of jumping over "tall buildings" at a single bound. Or even seing yourself or your child standing in the middle of a ring receiving your first blue ribbon. 
Don't Wait a Moment Longer 
Why wait? You can get started right now on beautiful horses that are trained to give you the right start no matter how confident you are. Kelli's goal is to make you love riding right from the beginning! 
It is all possible with Kelli Ann Kinney. Contact Kelli right now by filling in the information to the right or calling her at the number below to get started right away.  

Kelli Kinney

Kelli Ann Kinney, FEI National Level Grand Prix Competitor

Yes Kelli, I want to learn to ride Right Now!

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Contact: Kelli Ann Kinney Telephone: 978-888-4774 kellikinney@aol.com