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I don't want to compete but I really want to ride well. Can you help me have fun while I learn?  
I know I don't have to tell you. Just riding a horse is a already a fantasy fulfilled for those of us lucky enough to own a horse. While some of us just enjoy an occasional ride up the trail on the back of a trusty horse, others of us are curious just how deep a relationship they can have with their horse. 
Trust in Your Dreams
What often inspires us is watching a beautifully trained high level horse competing in a dressage show. We see the piaffes and pirouettes of a beautiful Grand Prix dance and wonder if we will ever have the chance to ride at that level. 
Perhaps or perhaps not depending on our own skill or having a horse that is capable of that level of accomplishment. But, having the desire to ride that well doesn't mean that you have to compete. At one time, being reviewed by a judge while performing your test was meant to be a way to see how you have progressed against the standard and yourself. The concept of competing against others in the same test has evolved to today's dressage show, but is not really a necessary part of riding well. 
Ride for the Love of It 
Yes, having a competition to prepare for does give you incentive to push past your challenges. But, not everyone enjoys the pressure of competition. That is why dressage is important for those riders who do not want to compete. The goal of dressage is to create harmony between horse and rider. The path to achieving that requires the eye of the master from the ground to guide us.  
You do not have to compete to ride well. But, riding well requires that you understand the form from someone who has practiced the complete form at the hands of a Master and can pass it on to you. 
Finally Create Balance and Harmony
As you create more balance and harmony with your horse as you move up the levels you will find the joy of a greater partnership with your horse. Let Kelli Ann Kinney help you achieve that partnership. Sign up to the right or call the number below for more information on how to create the partnership of your dreams. 

Kelli Kinney

Kelli Ann Kinney, FEI National Level Grand Prix Competitor

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