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I would like to buy that special horse. Can you help me find one?    
I want to find my forever horse. You know the one... The one that can take me on the ride of my dreams.  
Are you looking for a World Class competition horse, a nice pleasure ride for the trail, or something in between?  
Jest-a-Bit Farm is the Place to Come
Kelli knows exactly the type of horse you will need. Whether it is your first horse, the next horse to take you to higher levels of competition or a horse that will take to competitions all over the world, Kelli will find that horse for you.  
Don't Wait a Moment Longer 
Why wait? You can get started right now riding the perfect horse for you; horses that are trained to exact experience level you need right now. Kelli's goal is to make you love riding your horse right from the beginning! 
It is all possible with Kelli Ann Kinney. Click on the link or picture for Jest-a-Bit farm below to see what horses are for sale or contact Kelli at the number below to inquire about what horse she has presently has a available.  

Baby and Mom


Kelli Kinney

Kelli Ann Kinney, FEI National Level Grand Prix Competitor

Yes Kelli, I want to find the horse of my dreams!

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Contact: Kelli Ann Kinney Telephone: 978-888-4774 kellikinney@aol.com